Treat them without judgment and listen

Empowering homeless youth involves patience and sympathy for their situation in life with a non-judgmental attitude. Usually, the first emotion that surfaces when someone attempts to help a homeless youth is the fear of judgment or ridicule. Approach them with a kind and loving heart with good intention and they will respond to potentially take advantage of your help. Always have a listening ear and truly digest what they’re saying so you can make normal conversation and get to know them personally while garnering a better picture of their life circumstance.

Give them food and clothing

The basics of survival includes adequate amounts of food and the essential clothing for warm or cold temperatures. Canned foods are often selected to give to homeless youth because they can be easily transported and stored for long periods of time. However, this can get old after a while and any homeless youth would appreciate a warm meal from a restaurant or even a home-cooked meal every now and then. People often forget that we are all in the same boat and all have the potential to hit slumps in life. Oftentimes people just give up and then those habits become cemented over time. They need someone to show them kindness because many young homeless kids are runaways from bad situations.

Help them find stable work

Work stability is one of the main priorities that will aid in empowering homeless youth. Finding a good job is the first step, but sometimes they may face challenges that can be overwhelming if they’re accustomed to living on the street. You can also counsel them and encourage healthy work habits and a consistent sleep schedule. It will be much easier for them to start a normal life if they have a comfortable bed to rejuvenate the body properly before each day. You can mention job opportunities and places of interest that might fit their personality.

Nurture their hobbies and interests

We all have particular things we’re interested in, and finding out what someone likes doing will help tremendously in finding a job and pursuing a dream. It’s easy to lack goals when you’re young, and so many homeless youths have great talent and potential. You can bring that to the surface by encouraging them to pursue their passions. Never underestimate the power of one person to change a life completely. Many of them just need a push in the right direction while knowing that someone is in their corner. This physical and emotional support will grow on them, but it’s their own responsibility to fully utilize your resources and effort for future years.