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Think in Motion We Inspire. We Train. We Develop. Get Started

  • (Virtual COVID-19 Home School Tutoring)       
  • Community Service Volunteering (Teaching students the benefits to caring)
  • Adobe Media/Design Training
  • Communication ( Conflict Resolution)
  • Career Mentoring (Entrepreneurial, Military, College Tours)
  • Law Enforcement Relationship / Global Citizenship Social Adaptation Experiences
  • Personal Development Workshops (Entrepreneurial, Public Speaking, Self Help/Esteem)

Vision Statement

The vision of ARE U WASTING TIME?  Youth Empowerment Nonprofit Corporation is to empower and equip global youth with the critical life tools needed to lead productive, successful, and healthy lives in order to build and preserve indelible legacies.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote academic and personal development by providing growth opportunities to global youth in the areas of literacy; community awareness and engagement; mentoring, success planning, global enterprise; social-emotional wellness; and athletic skills development. 

Core Values

  • Community Engagement

  • Literacy via Abolitionist Education (A book written by Bettina Love)

  • Global Citizenship Awareness (History)

  • Empowerment

  • Authenticity (Self Esteem)

  • Character

  • Creativity

  • Personal Development Mentoring (Social Adaptation)

  • Education

  • Athletics (Team Work)

  • Success Planning