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  1. Teenage Depression and How To Fight It
  2. Understanding and Empowering Homeless Youth
  3. Coping with Mental Health During the Covid Pandemic


Teenage Depression and How To Fight It

Consistent and vigorous exercise It’s time to face the truth, depression is real, but it can be conquered through effective strategies. There’s immense power in utilizing exercise as a natural mood enhancer because it helps to release stored up energy in a healthy and interactive way. This can be a simple walk every day for…

Understanding and Empowering Homeless Youth

Treat them without judgment and listen Empowering homeless youth involves patience and sympathy for their situation in life with a non-judgmental attitude. Usually, the first emotion that surfaces when someone attempts to help a homeless youth is the fear of judgment or ridicule. Approach them with a kind and loving heart with good intention and…

Coping with Mental Health During the Covid Pandemic

Will our lives ever go back to normal? Yes, yes they will. This is a very difficult time for most everyone, but the pandemic will end. Vaccines have been created and are being distributed, plans are being made for kids to go back to school, and public restrictions are being lifted again. The last major…

Vision Statement

The vision of ARE U WASTING TIME?  Youth Empowerment Nonprofit Corporation is to empower and equip global youth with the critical life tools needed to lead productive, successful, and healthy lives in order to build and preserve indelible legacies.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote academic and personal development by providing growth opportunities to global youth in the areas of literacy; community awareness and engagement; mentoring, success planning, global enterprise; social-emotional wellness; and athletic skills development. 

Core Values

  • Community Engagement

  • Literacy via Abolitionist Education (A book written by Bettina Love)

  • Global Citizenship Awareness (History)

  • Empowerment

  • Authenticity (Self Esteem)

  • Character

  • Creativity

  • Personal Development Mentoring (Social Adaptation)

  • Education

  • Athletics (Team Work)

  • Success Planning